What's Your "Go To" Makeup Product?

Imagine that someone approached you and offered you $100M to throw away all of your makeup and you could only keep one product. What would you keep?

Makeup Product Spread

My First Product Choice

When I first thought about this question, I thought my product choice would be my foundation. It evens out my skin tone and covers my blemishes. I'm thinking I can look natural without actually being natural. I was certain that this would be the best item to keep, at least until I thought about my powder. With the powder, I can still even my skin tone and I would be able to keep my face from being so shiny.

My Product Choice Changed Again

eye shadow palatte

My thoughts didn't end there. I thought about my eye shadow and the way it highlights my eyes. My eyes are actually my favorite feature. Why not accentuate them and let them shine?! My thoughts continued in relation to my eyes. I thought about how much I love my mascara. It lengthens my eyelashes and still brings attention to my eyes. Mascara it is!

My Final Product Decision

NYX eyeliner

Okay, I got it. I would keep my eyeliner. I've walked out the door plenty of times with nothing but eyeliner on and I've loved my eyes. I can draw the line thin or thick. I can even wing it if I want to. Plus, I can cheat and use it to fill in my eyebrows as necessary. LOL

Eyeliner is definitely my final answer. What's yours? Comment below.

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