What's in my Makeup Bag? One Makeup Addict to Another

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The Makeup Bag!  Do you ever wonder what's in someone's makeup bag?  I sure do.  Maybe they have products that I could use or have never tried before.  Maybe it's stuff I need!  Well, today I thought it would be fun to share what's in my makeup bag.  What makeup addict would be caught dead without her well-stocked makeup bag?  Not this girl.

What's in my Bag?

I remember when I used to work in a corporate America.  I never had time to do my makeup before I left for work.  Usually, that meant I would be applying makeup at red lights during my commute.  I know!  That's bad (so don't do that).  Anyway, those days are gone but I still find myself rushing out the door without completely finishing my makeup.  Knowing that I plan ahead.  I have a well stocked mobile makeup bag with some essential finishing touches.  Here's what I usually keep on me at all times.

What makeup addict would be caught dead without her well-stocked makeup bag?



Although I have transitioned to the liquid lipsticks most of the time, I do still have a couple of true lipsticks in my bag.  I love Milani lipsticks.  Two that I carry with me are the Matte Beauty which is a really nice nude for daytime.  If nighttime is upon us, I reach for my Milani Matte Love which is a really rich burgundy wine color.

Seems that I tend to go with Nude, Wine or Red shades.


Like I said, I have fallen in love with the liquid lipsticks on the market today.  One, I really like is the NYX Monte Carlo.  It's a deep matte red and is a favorite of mine.

Something New

makeup bag

Two new additions to my bag are from the newly introduced Wet n' Wild Liquid Catsuit line.  I carry the shades Goth Topic which is a deep matte wine and the Missy & Fierce, a vibrant matte red.  Because you never know when a girl needs a kissable red lip.



makeup bag
MAC Kiss and Don't Tell
makeup bag
Milani Brown Berry


I actually have two MAC lip glosses in my bag.  Creamsheen Glass in the shade Over Indulgence.  I love the peachy nude color of this lipgloss.  The other MAC lipgloss called Kiss Don't Tell is nearly the same shade and is also a peachy nude color, but with a little more sparkle.

Brilliant Shine by Milani in the shade Brown-Berry is another lipgloss with a sparkly wine color.

One more lipgloss.  The Crystal Gloss for Lips by Milani in Summer Baby is a frosty apricot-colored lipgloss.



To go with the lipsticks and glosses, I have lip liners to match.  NYX Nude Truffle Lipliner pencil is a darker nude shade.  L.A. Girl Lipliner in Cherry is a deep red.

I also have a L.A. Colors liner in Mahogany.  This is actually an eyeliner, but the deep wine shade is perfect as a lipliner.

makeup bag

Keeps lips smooth!


Anything Else?

What else?  Well, other than the random ponytail holder and breath mints.  I only have one other thing, in my makeup bag.   Lip balm.  This one is my favorite Blamtastic Skins SuperBLAM Lip Balm.  A long name for a little lip balm, but it deserves it.  It keeps my lips hydrated, but without the usual waxy feel.  The unique shape of the container makes it easier to apply than the usual lip balm.  I use it under lipsticks or even by itself.

What's Missing?

I really should replace my blotting papers and a powder compact should find it's way in my makeup bag too.

So if you ever wondered what was in another woman's makeup bag, now at least you know what is in mine.  But wait!  What's in your makeup bag?  I shared so now it's your turn.  Leave a comment below and tell me what you carry with you in your makeup bag.


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