Is it time to step up your makeup game?  Well, we have just the vanity to make you look like a star.  This vanity is just so pretty we can’t stand it.   Here is our take on a Glam Vanity makeup area.

Glam Vanity

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glam vanity

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Here’s a beautiful Glam Vanity.  It has all the essentials; large mirror with lighting, vanity table, plush seating, and storage.

What is really needed in a vanity area?

We believe any vanity area needs 6 elements to function properly:
Adequate surface space
Comfortable seating

Want to recreate this Glam Vanity for yourself?

We got you covered!  Just in case you are in love with this Glam Vanity look,  here’s everything you need to shop this look.
glam vanity

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1. Mirror with Lighting

Any star would love to have a mirror-like this Hollywood Makeup Mirror.  This piece adds a real presence to your vanity.

2. Vanity Table

We love that the Mirage Mirrored 2-Drawer Console Table gives enough surface space for all the lipsticks, foundations and brushes a makeup-addict needs.  The mirror panels add glam to this vanity table.

3. Seating

Comfortable seating is a must.  The Casper Armchair in Clear with faux sheepskin provides comfy, plush seating.

4. Inspiration

Our Wake Up & Makeup printable lets everyone know what you live to do.
Starter Vanity

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5. Storage

Let’s organize pretty your many blushes, bronzers and eyeshadows with this Acrylic Cosmetic Box- 2-Piece Makeup Chest and Acrylic 3 Drawers Makeup Organizer.  These clear organizers let you see everything while keeping it all in order.
So there you have it!  A luxurious Glam Vanity.  Do you love it?  Leave us a comment below and tell us if this has you written all over it or just not your style.

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