VANITIES: Need a Vanity Chair?

vanity chairs

Yeah, that won't work!  Girl!  You need a vanity chair!  Is that what your friends tell you about your current set up?  Well, no worries!  We can fix that.  Today we are talking cushies for your tushies.  We are gonna find you a proper perch to prep and get that makeup flawless.  We are talking Vanity Chairs today.

Let's say you have this great vanity like this one .  Ok, this one is pretty basic, but that's ok you can paint it your favorite color.  I think in shades of silver or gold all the time.  Or Rosegold would be stunning.

Anyway, what's missing?

Let's dress her up shall we? She needs a throne!

Well, a throne of course!  So today I thought we should fix that.  We are looking at vanity chairs suitable for creating the masterpiece that is you.  Check out these suitable makeup thrones.

Vanity Chairs

vanity chairs

1. How about a Swiveling Chair?

We'll start with this one (just because it's my favorite).  It looks just like the ones at the salons with its vegan leather tufted detail.  This vanity chair swivels and easily adjusts to various heights.  Perfectly suitable for a vanity setup.

2. Feel like a Queen!

This lovely vanity chair also has button tufting but is a little more dainty.  Also constructed of easy to clean vegan leather.  This chair is so stylish, it could stand in for extra seating whenever needed.


3. Double Duty

What if you need a chair that can pull a double shift?  This one fits the bill.  By day you can use it at your desk and by night it turns into a great vanity chair.

4. Gosh!  It's a Ghost!

Called the Ghost chair, it's there when you need it and then vanishes from sight when you don't.  This chair fits into just about any room and can also double as extra seating.

5. Girl!  You wild!

This stool will have you channeling your wild side.  The faux cowhide gives your vanity a contemporary, unexpected look.


So what do you think?  Did you find yourself a perch? Leave us a comment below and tell us which one of these vanity chairs is your favorite.

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