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My nail polish collection is seriously out of this world. I have every color for every occasion. At least, I feel like I do until I make my way to Sephora and find that OPI has released new colors. When I get my nails done, I tend to take my polish with me. I almost always have a color choice made up in my mind and I don't want to take the risk of the salon not having my color. Plus, I have all of this nail polish at home. Why not use it, right?! I select my nail color based on the season or the holiday.

During winter months, I choose darker colors. For summer, I love light and bright. Spring brings about pastels. And, fall calls for falling leaf colors. Within this post, you will find my favorite shades for all four seasons. I'm a colorful gal and I like to mix things up. Check it out!

Winter Nail Colors

When choosing a nail color, I pick something that reminds me of the time of year. Right now we're in February and Valentine's Day just passed. Of course, the nail color chosen was red. But, it is also winter. I like to wear burgundy, deep blues, and dark greens. Those colors just scream "winter" for me. Like most, OPI is my favorite brand. I have other brands as well. Sometimes I even splurge and buy Chanel nail polish.MIdnight in Moscow

Nail PolishLet's start with burgundy. It's such a beautiful color. And, if you throw in a little shimmer, I am ecstatic. Lol. It just gives me that winter feeling. This time of year I see dark, rich colors. We see less of the sun and the nights are longer. So, darker colors just seem right for winter.Russian Navy Nail Polish

Dark shades of blue are another favorite of mine for winter. They remind me of a winter night sky or the moon sitting above the ocean. Add some shimmer, of course, and it's like a starry night's sky. Beautiful. Russian Navy by OPI is just gorgeous. Try it. I promise you'll love it, too.


Summer Nail Colors

Here come the light and bright colors. I love to show off my neon nail polishes during this time of year. Summertime is hot and bright with the sun out all day. I love to rock colors like yellow, orange, and neon pink. The brighter, the better. Don't these colors just scream summertime? Hang-Ten Toes

CSun Worshiperhina Glaze makes some really great neon nail polishes. I grab them every time I see them and  I actually have quite the collection of their nail polishes. I have almost as many as my OPI collection.

Pink is absolute favorite color so I will rock different shades of pink throughout the summer. When I change it up, I'll go for orange, pink, or even yellow. It reminds me of the sun. Thus, summertime!

Spring Nail Colors

When I think of spring, I think of flowers blooming and warmer weather with occasional cloudy days. I also think of Easter. Springtime makes me feel like pastel purples and greens are the colors to be worn. I have this gorgeous pastel purple and it is my "go-to" color for spring.Do You Lilac It?

Thank you, OPI for "Do You Lilac It?" Don't you just love it? It's such a soft color. This color makes me think of beautiful tulips blooming in the sun. I love fresh flowers and spring is their time to shine.

Fall Nail Colors

OPI by Popular VoteFall is such a great time of year. The leaves change into dark shades of red, orange, and brown. My birthday is in the fall right around Thanksgiving and I love to get festive.

I remember when I was a lot younger and I first started wearing nail polish. My mother wouldn't let me anywhere near red polish. Now, I wear different shades of it all year. This time of year I like to wear a shade of red that is darker than bright red, but lighter than a deep red.

I also love a great shade of brown or nude. Over the Taupe is such a gorgeous color made by OPI. It is very "fall". It's a very neutral color and goes with anything.
Over the Taupe

What are your "go-to colors throughout the year? Do you choose your color based on the time of year or do you just go in and pick a color that grabs your attention? I would love to hear from you!

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