My Makeup Makeover

I don’t see it on the calendar but this must be wedding season or something.  In the last month I have attended two weddings or receptions.  Anyway, I love using events as an opportunity to pamper myself with a makeup makeover.  So in the last month I have treated myself to two.  Today I want to let you know how to schedule, what to expect, what I loved, what went wrong and whether it was worth it.


My Sephora Makeup Makeover

Like I said, weddings must in the air right now.  I don’t mind because it gives me a reason to buy a new dress and get all done up.  So for each of my recent events, I made sure to schedule a makeup makeover.

Scheduling a Makeover

Having had MAC Cosmetics makeovers for years, I decided I would schedule my beauty appointments at Sephora instead.  It’s super easy.  You can either call your local Sephora or if you download their app, you can even schedule it right in the app.

There are actually quite a few choices for beauty services at Sephora.  Since I was going to formal events, I scheduled 45-minute makeup sessions.

The Sephora Makeover

I arrived early, but they were truly on schedule so I needed to wait for my specific appointment time.  No problem, there was a bookstore nearby so I hung out there for a few minutes to wait.

When I returned my Sephora artist was ready and waiting for me.  Here is what I love, before starting any makeup application they cleaned and prepped my face.  My face was prepped with a line of skincare by Tata Harper.  And listen, this stuff is amazing.  It should be because it costs a pretty penny.

They can use anything in the whole store on you

Now with my face ready to go, I clued my artist in on what my dress looked like and together we chose a complimentary palette for the makeover.  Take a look at all the products she pulled out!  I loved everything she chose, although I was a little concerned about the lip color.  She thought I should try a corally red.  Not convinced, I agreed to give it a try.

One of the best things about getting a makeover is that the artist literally has the whole store at their disposal.  They can use anything in the whole store on you.

Oops!  I messed up!

Here is where I messed up a bit.  I told the artist the foundation stick I had been using for awhile and requested that she use the same one.  DON’T DO THAT!  I realized shortly after that instead I should have allowed her to choose which foundation to use.  I mean, there are literally dozens of lines to choose from at Sephora.  Why limit yourself to one you already use?  BIG MISTAKE!  Don’t be like me, try something new like Rihanna’s newly released Fenty Beauty line (Psst!  I did for the second makeover – #AMAZING).

The Result

makeup makeover

Before & After of both makeover sessions

And here is the result!  Not bad right?  I even love the coral red lip.  These makeup artists really know their stuff.  And here is why every woman should treat herself to this type of makeover (especially for a special event); even if you are proficient or expert level at applying your makeup, there is no way you have all the products that a makeup artist has at their disposal at Sephora.  Did you look at all the products she used on my face?  I mean that is easily $500 (or more) worth of product that she used on my makeover!

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What I didn’t like

Actually, there really isn’t much that I didn’t love about my makeover experience at Sephora.  The artist was very attentive.  She listened to my ideas and even made adjustments when she didn’t like the result.  The only thing I can think to mention that I wish I had asked her to contour my nose a bit.  I don’t have a huge nose, but a little contour never hurt anyone right? LOL!

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The whole experience was great!  I loved that they were on schedule, ready and waiting for me.  The range of products that the artist had to choose from again was unparalleled.  And of course the skin prep (very important to me) was a wonderful unexpected touch.

But to be honest the best thing about my makeup makeover actually came after I left.  After I had hightailed it out the door and was in route to my event.  They actually email you a recap of all the products used in your makeover session.  NICE!

Is a Sephora Makeover worth it?

In a word, HELL TO THE YES IT IS!  Like a said, where can you get someone who has a whole store to pull products from to do your face other than at Sephora?  Exactly, NO WHERE!

How Much?

So what did all this $500 plus worth of makeup makeover fabulousness set me back?  Well, as is customary you can either trade the service for $50 worth of product or a $50 gift-card purchase.

Think 50 bucks is a lot?  Well, consider that in actuality if you need to or plan to make a Sephora purchase the makeover is essentially a free gift with purchase.


My advice is DO THIS!  At least once.  Hell, I did it twice in a month and loved it each time.  So if you have an upcoming event treat yourself to a makeup makeover at Sephora.  You won’t regret it!  Oh and you will look FABULOUS!

In a future post I will let you in on how you can get a Sephora makeover for FREE!

Do you get makeovers done?  Have you tried Sephora’s makeover services?  Please leave us a comment below and let us know how it went.

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