MAKEUP TOOLS: The Ring Light

Ahh, the Ring Light.  Currently one of the most coveted makeup tools a guru can own.  So let's check out what all the hub-bub is about. Do you need one?  How much is the Ring Light?  Is it worth it?  Are there options?  Let's look into Ring Lights.

Ring Light

So forget the mirror, brushes and the haul you just got at Sephora.  Nowadays no self-respecting makeup guru would be without the Ring Light.  But why all the fuss?  Wouldn't a regular light do?  Well if you ask any YouTube makeup maven and they would probably tell you NO!


All hail the mighty Ring Light!

What's up with Ring Lights?

Last updated:  06/21/2017

Ring Lights are standard for studios of photographers and videographers.  This professional-quality fluorescent light provides soft, nearly shadowless illumination.  The secret is in how the light is shaped.   The circular-shaped light is able to cast a soft dome of light complementing makeup and making this light ideal for portrait and close-up work.

ring light


The unique circular light shape also renders a beautiful catch light in the eyes of the subject that make the eyes look like they sparkle.


Right light
Diva Ring Light

Who wouldn't want a professional light in their makeup setup?


Original Diva Light

This is the one!  The one that everyone wants. The Diva Ring Light Nova is a professional-quality fluorescent light. The Nova helps to eliminate skin imperfections & makes your subject's face appear to have a fresh clean look.  An 18" 500W light with 5500k Daylight bulb included.  There are camera mounts inside of the light and includes a mounting bracket for cameras on tripods, as well as gooseneck for flexible mounting on light stands.  The light comes with 6' Diva Light stand.  Get ready!  The Diva Light is an investment with a price point of $229.00.

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ring light
Neewer Ring Light

Neewer Light

A little more affordable, the Neewer Ring Light is a good option to the pricier Nova Light.  This is also an 18" Light with a 75W (600W equivalent) 5500K ring fluorescent light.  Just like the Nova light, the Neewer Light has camera mounts and comes with a 59" light stand.  This kit also includes filters for adjustments to lighting effects.  The price point is a little more budget-friendly at $170.00.


ring light
Selfie Ring Light

Selfie Light

This version of a ring light is quite a bit smaller.  Created to attach to your mobile phone, the Selfie LED Ring Light provides the optimal lighting on the go.  This light includes a built-in rechargeable battery.  Four-level light settings for various uses - make-up, selfie photos, dark scenery vlogging etc.  Let this ring light highlight you and darken everything behind you.  This light has a smaller price tag too.  A pocket-size price of $12.99.


So what if you just don't have the budget for the pricey Ring Light (right now)?  DIY Ring Light

I got you!

We need only turn right to the YouTube makeup gurus who inspired the ring light craze.  Some show how to get the look of the light, with string lights.  But these are not great as you don't really get the desired illumination.

I did find one or two really good look-alike lights that might work.  Check out this DIY Ring Light that one YouTuber made.  It is a simple build and looks pretty good.  This DIY has a doable price point of about $30.00.


Do you have or want a Ring Light?  Which one?  Let us know which one might be finding it's way into your makeup setup.  Please leave us a comment below and tell us what you think about Ring Lights.

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