MAKEUP STORAGE: The Great Makeup Case

Just like anyone else, most makeup mavens are on the go a lot.  So our makeup needs to be to-go too.  Today let's look at some makeup cases that travel with us in style.  makeup case

makeup bag

Help!  I need a Makeup Case

If your makeup collection is anything like mine, it's priceless.  So if I take it out of the house, I need it to be protected as well as accessible.  Just in case you need to make your warpaint more portable, check out some great finds for Makeup Cases.  makeup case

The Pro Case

Want to look like a pro?  Check out this classic Makeup Train Case.  At 14", this is a nice size case that can hold a lot of stuff.  The interior has lots of compartments to hold your makup securely and dividers allow you to customize to fit your needs.  The handle and strap makes it super portable.  It even comes with a key lock to keep out prying (girlfriends) hands.  makeup case


The Spy Case

I love the spy look of this Makeup Travel Case.   There is ample room and it's really nice that there are several brush holders and a mirror.  The best part about this case is that it has a hardcover to keep your makeup crush-proof.  The case comes in the spy standard black but also girly Fuschia pink.  makeup case

Cosmetic Sack

I can't forget about my messy girls.  I see you out there!  This one is for you.  Called the Lay-N-Go  I first saw this makeup bag on an infomercial and thought what a great idea.  The concept is you place all your essential makeup on this 20" diameter surface that draws up into a bag when you are ready to go.  When you get to your next destination, you just release it.  The Lay-N-Go is made from a water repellent/wipeable/washable nylon material so it's easy to keep clean.  Comes in Black, Fuchsia & Gold.  This one is too cool!  makeup case


Makeup Bag

The cases are great, but what if you just need a new Makeup Bag for your purse?  I got you!  Check out this cute little number.  It's got plenty of room for all your glosses and liners, but much more.  It is water repellent and easy to clean.  The origami features of the bag allow it to stand upright (gotta love that).  There is even room in this little bag for your cellphone and credit cards.  makeup case


So whether you need to pack up your makeup or you just need more storage for your ever-expanding collection, there are some great options out there to cull and keep them.  makeup case


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