Makeup Expiration Times [Infographic]


Do you know when your makeup expires-

I have so much makeup and sometimes I don't touch it for a while. Well, makeup expires just like anything else we eat or use. It's important for us to know when we need to throw out our makeup so we don't risk any kind of infection. I did a little research so we all could keep track of how long to keep our makeup.  Makeup Expiration

Expiration Tip:

I like to write the date that I open a product on a blank mailing label and stick it on my makeup products. Using the chart below along with the dates on my products, I can make sure that I don't keep my makeup past the expiration time. The last thing I need is an infection. That is not a good look.  Makeup Expiration

makeup expiration

Now you know just when to pitch that product.  Just think of it as getting rid of the old to make room for that new makeup haul.  Makeup Expiration

Did you know that makeup has an expiration?  Do you have makeup that is way too old?  Please leave us a comment below and tell us why you hold on way too long.  Makeup Expiration

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