HOW MANY FOUNDATIONS DO YOU HAVE? Do you need more than one?

more than one foundation

I have to admit, I started this post simply to justify the number of foundations I own.  After my hairdresser accused me of not having enough self-control, I thought I might see just why I did have so many foundations.  Was I merely buying different ones to find the best one for me or did I really have a need for more than one foundation?  In the effort to put your best face forward, is there a reason to have more than one foundation? Let's investigate!  more than one foundation

How Many Foundations Do You Need?


You Have How Many?

So to be honest I really don't think I have a crazy amount of foundations.  In checking my inventory I found that I only had four (more on that later).  Now I am sure there are girls that have way more than that.  Anyway, this might seem a lot to some who don't (or rarely) wear foundation.  But for me it sounds about right.

But why do I have so many?  Do I really need all those bottles?

more than one foundation

Why I Need More Than One

In fact there are quite a few really good reasons to have more than one foundation on deck.  Other than simply forgetting what you own, you may need to have a few different foundation options.


Firstly I will say that my coloration changes depending on the season.  I could be a shade or two lighter in the Fall & Winter or darker in the Summer months.  Obviously this would cause a need for another shade of foundation.


During the Summer months or even on the weekends, sometimes I like having something light on my face.  Some of the CC or BB cream foundations fill in really nicely here.  Although far less than full coverage, they allow the option of wearing a foundation-like cream that minimizes the appearance of pores and lines and skin imperfections while smoothing the skin.


In the last year I realized that I needed to find a foundation option that I could apply in a hurry.  My husband and I like to head out to happy hour two or three times a week.  Even though I am rushing I usually want to do something to my face so I don't look crazy.

I was on the hunt for a stick foundation.  I was pleasantly surprised to find that there were quite a few on the market.  I settled on the Hourglass Vanish Foundation Stick.   I liked that there were so many shades to choose from which made it easy for me to find the perfect shade for me.  I LOVE THIS FOUNDATION!  It has turned in to my go-to foundation even when I'm not in a rush.


I personally believe this it is a good idea to have a good affordable foundation option.  Having a drugstore option makes it easy to grab a replacement even late night.  The really great thing is many drugstore foundations actually rival some of the high-end brands.  L'oreal Infallible Foundation line while being very affordable is often raved about by many for its flawless finish.

more than one foundation

Better Option

Finally, another reason finding that you have more than one foundation would be you found a better option.  Although I really don't like not finishing a foundation I already have, sometimes I have found one that worked better for me.  It could be that what I had didn't work for my skin type or maybe the color was a little off.  The fact is a lady has a right to change her mind.  So if you find a better option, why not go for it?


By the way, remember those four foundations in my inventory.  Well, it turns out that those foundations include all of the above.  One is a liquid foundation, another is a BB Cream, another is a stick foundation (my fav) and still, another is drugstore brand.

There are five reasons why I have found that I usually have more than one foundation on deck.  Now it's your turn.  Do you have more than one foundation in your stash?  Why?  Feel free to confess your need for more than one foundation in a comment below.

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