GET ORGANIZED! More Makeup Storage Options

Who has enough makeup storage?  Humm.  I didn't see any hands go up.  No worries.  Today's post is just for you.  I found a few really good ones.  And you will never guess where they are from.


Makeup Storage Options

Being a makeup diva is a creative sport.  Sometimes finding storage for all those makeup products takes just as much creativity.  So today I am sharing some makeup storage options that all come courtesy of your favorite local craft store.  That's right I said the craft store!  All of the following storage options came from Michaels.

makeup storage

Take this for a spin!

This first storage option is originally designed for a crafter or to sit desktop.  But guess what?  It would be perfectly at home in the vanity area too.  Can't you just see your lipglosses, brushes, and blushes displayed and at the ready in this neat storage piece?  There are even little draws to stash some of your favorite pigments.  And you can have all of this storage spinning right on your vanity.


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Drawer Dupe

This drawer unit is almost a perfect dupe for the coveted Alex drawer unit made by Ikea.  But since it comes from the craft store the price point is more paletteable.  Get it?

Ahem, just like the Alex this drawer unit has 5-drawers and is on casters.  It is slightly more shallow but since it's a little wider than the Alex the storage capacity is just about equal.




Makeup Storage Options

On a Roll!

The Lexington 3-Tier Rolling Cart is another Ikea dupe.  Although not much less than the Raskog cart by Ikea, this one has a prettier Rose-Gold finish which makes it perfect beside anyone's vanity.  The three tiers make organizing your makeup easy.


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So shop till you drop!  Go ahead and get that next makeup haul.  Now you have room for all those new bronzers and brushes.  Heck, you have room for at least 10 more palettes.  Just make sure you hit up the nearest Michaels for these storage pieces before you go.  Oh and don't forget to grab that coupon (above) so you can save more makeup money!


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