Making resolutions to get more organized in the new year?  We are here to help! Let’s start the new year off right and get our makeup organized.  Who doesn’t need more storage?  Exactly the point of this post.  Let’s see what makeup storage options are out there so we can maximize our space.  Oh, ok you caught me!  Really so we can buy more makeup.

Let’s start the new year off right and get our makeup organized.

Makeup Storage Options

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Acrylic Makeup Storage

I am sure you have seen all those acrylic makeup organizers on the market these days.  Here a few to consider:
  1. We featured this Beautify 6 Tier Clear Acrylic Makeup Organizer during our Christmas deals.  And for good reason!  Who wouldn’t love to organize and display their makeup collection in this lovely clear drawer unit?
  2. Speaking of drawer units.  How about a 2-Fer?  Here is a two-piece set of Best Acrylic Makeup Organizer For BEAUTIFUL Cosmetic Storage units.
  3. Most acrylic storage drawers can be quite pricey.  Not the Sorbus Acrylic Cosmetics Makeup and Jewelry Storage Case Display- 4 Large and 2 Small Drawers.  This one comes in under $30!  Slightly smaller than some units, but still offers great storage and a very economical price.
  4. We couldn’t forget this Sorbus Acrylic Cosmetics Makeup and Jewelry Storage Case X-Large Display Sets.  This unit has Interlocking Scoop Drawers to Create Your Own Specially Designed Makeup Counter.  It’s stackable and interchangeable.  The components form an extra-large 13.5” L x 16” H x 8.75” W cube.  Priced well under $75, this just might be a must-have.

Wall Makeup Storage

Running out of space?  Go vertical!  
These organizers allow you to go up the wall with your makeup storage.
  1. Check out this Wall Mounted Makeup Storage.  Get a few of these to keep your brushes, lip glosses, and pencils well in reach, but out of the way.
  2. Although this Acrylic Nail Polish Display was created to display your nail polish collection, there is ample room to store other makeup necessities.
  3. I am sure you have seen those DIY projects for Magnetic Makeup Board.  This one is ready to go and is versatile.  Use it for makeup or jewelry.
Want to try to make one yourself?  
We found this EASY tutorial by Martina Welcome.  Give it a go! 

Countertop Makeup Storage

Need to corral that every expanding collection across your vanity?  
These tabletop storage options will get things organized.
  1. Where is that palette that has that perfect color?  It’s in your Cosmetic Organizer Stand for Makeup Palettes.
  2. We love this Acrylic Brush Organizer.  Stores 12 brushes and comes in clear, rose & black.
  3. Find that pencil to match super quick in this Acrylic Eye/Lip Liner Organizer.
  4. OUR FAVORITE PICK – Got a massive lipstick collection?  Show it off in a Spinning Acrylic Lipstick Holder Organizer | 88 Slot Makeup Tower.  With all those slots you are sure to find the perfect shade at a moment's notice.
Did you find one or two that you like?  Which ones?  Leave a comment below and let us know if any of these organizers are on your radar.

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