5-Minute Makeup School - How to Apply Foundation

I recently changed up my foundation routine and started using a stick foundation.  I actually love it.  On those days when I need to get my face together fast and run out the door, the stick really does the job and FAST.  Now when I have more time (like in my recent makeover), I still like to use a liquid foundation.  I think the coverage and finish are just a bit superior to the stick foundation.  Whether you use a stick, cream, or liquid foundation, you want it to look good.  So this week we are learning the best way to apply foundation.  Here is our 5-Minute Makeup Lesson for the week – Foundation. how to apply foundation
how to apply eyelashes fast

LESSON PLAN:  So here’s the plan –

I’m gonna give you suggestions for tools and products (can’t do anything without the right tools). Then comes a quick tutorial video or two (5 minutes or less). And lastly, you do the homework.

The goal of this post is to introduce or help you master a makeup technique FAST For immediate results.  So you can either practice this lesson now or bookmark it for later tonight.  Now you can look put together in about 5 minutes.

Now on to our lesson.

how to apply foundation
LESSON #4 – How to Apply Foundation
No matter what else you do to make up your face, everything else centers around your foundation.  If it looks bad, so does everything else.  So let's learn just how to apply foundation the right way.  It seems simple, but the method of application is just as important.  So first, let’s see what is the best way to apply your foundation.  Check out this short video:
1. GET READY = Products
What products do we need?
In the following video she uses these products:

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2. SET = Here’s a STEP-BY-STEP Video
Not Ready Yet?
As with any makeup technique, it takes practice!  So here’s another quick tutorial with a few more tips for applying foundation for that flawless finish.
In the following video she uses these products:
3. GO = You Do it!
Get it?  Got it? GOOD!  For your homework, you need to put this lesson to work.  Watch the videos and many times as you need.  And PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE.  Now you can give your face that great foundation to build the rest of your makeup on.  And it only took 5 minutes!
Hey Adventurers!  Let us know how you went with this lesson. Post your homework pictures on our Facebook page. Oh and if you like these short quick makeup lessons please let us know by leaving a comment below.

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