5-Minute Makeup School - Eyeshadow

Last week we learned how to get our brows on fleek.  If you missed the lesson, get caught up here.  This week we are tackling something that I personally have a real phobia about.  Yep, you guessed it.  It’s EYESHADOW!  So let’s jump into our lesson.  Oh, and I haven’t forgotten my promise to you to keep these lessons short and sweet. So here is our 5-Minute Makeup Lesson for the week – Eyeshadow.




LESSON PLAN:  So here’s the plan –

I’m gonna give you suggestions for tools and products (can’t do anything without the right tools). Then comes a quick tutorial video or two (5 minutes or less). And lastly you do the homework.

The goal of this post is to introduce or help you master a makeup technique FAST For immediate results.  So you can either practice this lesson now or bookmark it for later tonight.  Now you can look put together in 5 minutes.

Now on to our lesson.

quick eyeshadow lesson

LESSON #2 – Eyeshadow quick eyeshadow lesson

Are you petrified and paralyzed about using eyeshadow?  So much so that you routinely go out bare-eyed instead of even trying to get a smokey eye going?  Believe me, I feel you.  Well, today’s lesson is just for you.  Today we are taking the baby steps into the world of eyeshadow.  Ready?  Let’s do this!

1. GET READY = Products quick eyeshadow lesson

What products do we need?

In the following video she uses these products;

  1. Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer
  2. Too Faced The Chocolate Bar Eye Palette similar
  3. Zoeva #234 Brush
  4. SEPHORA COLLECTION Classic Blending Eye Shadow Brush #71
  5. Mini Precision Tapered Kabuki Blending Brush  similar


Trying to get your makeup organized? Aren’t we all? Well we have a solution! Check out our mini-decal set.

2. SET = Here’s a STEP-BY-STEP Video

Not Ready Yet? quick eyeshadow lesson

Still scared?  Or, if you just have no time and still want something on those lids, try this product by L’oreal called One Sweep Eyeshadow.  Here’s a quick tutorial and review of the product:

But Wait!  There’s more!

Did you know there is press-on eyeshadow?  Yep, I said press-on!  Sounds crazy right?  Well, hang on, Avon has a product that is supposed to let you just press and go.  Check out Avon In A Wink for a SUPER-QUICK eyeshadow look.  Watch this video to see the product in action:


3. GO = You Do it!

Get it?  Got it? GOOD!  For your homework, you need to put this lesson to work.  Watch the videos and many times as you need.  And PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE.  Now go forth and never go bare eyelids again.

Hey Adventurers!  Let us know how you went with this lesson. Post your homework pictures on our Facebook page. Oh and if you like these short quick make up lessons please let us know by leaving a comment below.

Next week:  Lashes

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