5 Fun Facts About Siobhan! - 1/2 of Makeup Adventures

I thought it would be fun to write 5 fun facts about myself so that you can get to know me. Of course, I love makeup but there is so much more to me than that. Some facts may surprise you and some are pretty obvious. I wanted to give you more info on myself than what is written in my bio. I would love to hear fun facts about our readers as well.  Leave me a comment below and tell me about yourself!  


5 Fun Facts About Siobhan!

  1. I have a lipgloss obsession. (Facts)

    Okay, I'm sure that this one is pretty obvious. You can see that I love makeup, however, I love lipgloss and I always have. I have every color from clear to nude, to bright red. I was going through my makeup bag the other day only to realize that there are 2 tubes of lipstick and at least 10 tubes of lipgloss. LOL! I have no powder or foundation. All I have is lipgloss. I was at an event and wanted to touch up my face. Fail. There was no way that I was going to put lipgloss on my face. I had to just touch up my lips and leave it at that. My next trip to Sephora will include a compact purchase. I dislike it when my face gets shiny but I can't do anything about it with a purse full of lipgloss.

  2. I love Nascar.

    I'm sure that this fact threw you for a loop. I grew up around cars. My dad used to race and my uncle was a mechanic. I just fell into the sport. This post is actually late going up because this past weekend's race was in my hometown. My family and I have gone to see this race every year since 2009. My dad has gone every year since the track opened 20 years ago. When I was younger, I'd run away from the track. Now, I run toward it. I love the sound of the cars speeding around the track at 200+ mph. It's exciting for me. My family and I tailgate and just spend an entire day at the track. I look forward to it every year. Sundays you can find me planted in front of the tv to watch the cars go around the track.

  3. I am a Director at a fitness center.

    This is a job I had never even thought about doing. My workdays begin at 4:30 am at least 5 days a week but I'm off early in the afternoon. I absolutely love my job. I work hard but I have so much fun doing it. My coworkers and clients are the best. I have met some of the most motivational people. Everyone has a story and it is such a joy for people to share their stories with me. I love going along on people's fitness journies. I have even lost 18 lbs so far. My goal is just 10 lbs away now. I'll be skinny by summer!! LOL

  4. Art runs through my blood.

    My dad was an art major and so were generations before him. I actually went to school for fashion design. Growing up, I've always loved drawing and painting. My favorite paintings are still-life paintings. I used to draw or paint them all the time. I'd put together a bowl of fruit and just paint away. Art is calming for me. I don't draw or paint now as much as I used to, however, I will sit down and color in a coloring book. I used to color with my mom when I was younger. Now I sit and color with my own children. It's one of my favorite things to do. We'll turn on some smooth jazz and just relax with our coloring books.

  5. I love Golden Girls.

    My husband thinks I'm crazy because I will sit and watch a Golden Girls marathon for an entire day. I don't care if I just saw the episodes the night before. Every episode is just as funny as the 1st time I saw it. Saturdays my husband works and it's just myself at home with our 2 children. I turn the living room tv to Golden Girls and let it play all day while I do housework or play with the kids. It comes on 3 different channels and I love every minute of it.

Hey!  I would love to hear from you. Do you share any of my obsessions? Comment below.

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